Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Alpha Legion Saboteur! Recon Rite of War underway!

So, I've decided I'm going to build up the recon portion of my Alpha Legion army, aiming to use them both for the Recon Rite of War, and the Hunter-Killer Traitor Shattered Legion Rite of War. I will also be using them heavily in Kill Team and Tactical Strike games. They're all going to have the same black and turquoise tiger stripe camo that I used on my previous sniper recon marines:

So, here's the first couple guys. I have two bolter recon guys and a new Saboteur. I've always loved using a Saboteur, but the model I built for it previously was done really fast. I will still use it, but I wanted a new one with a combi weapon, and lookin' a little more mean. So, here's the new version. Since the photo, I've given him a small helmet crest.

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