Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Adepticon Calth Bash: The Revenge!

Last night, we played a great game at the house of one of my fellow Greying Legion (The Adepticon and NOVA Heresy Team) veterans. We played through our "Calth Bash" that we ran at Adepticon this year, and are planning to again. It's a pretty great little set up. The armies essentially are restricted to what you can get in the Calth box, plus your legion rules. That's it. So, each side has 30 marines, 5 terminators, a contemptor, and a character. There are points restrictions for upgrades on each of those things, and the only model not from the box that is available is a single bare rhino. To make things interesting, we add in the Calth dice, which gets rolled every turn. You can then use the various results to do things like add models back to squads that have taken casualties, or get extra shots with various weapons. We also use a fancy version of Meatgrinder. Each time you recycle a unit, you give your opponent your Meatgrinder token, which they flip over and becomes a Vengeance token. You can use those to do things like count as a one shot combi weapon, or juice someone up on combat drugs!

Overall, it's a blast, and basically results in total madness and huge numbers of casualties that keep getting followed up by more fresh meat....which is exactly what the Heresy is to us!

We racked up my Alpha Legion and Salamanders against the birthday boy/host's Death Guard. Really, his army is made up of Istvaan III loyalists, so it's got Sons of Horus, Death Guard, Emperor's Children, and World Eaters in it. For simplicity's sake, they were all Death Guard.

In the end, the Death Guard won by a single Victory Point, 23-22. VPs were based on a check-list of accomplishments during the game, some silly, some game based. Things like destroying a unit, destroying a unit in a sweeping advance, making your opponent laugh, and contributing to capturing objectives all got you VPs.

Since it was a weeknight, we ended up cutting the game short, but we had a great time, and got a couple people a little more familiar with the rules.

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