Monday, July 18, 2016

More Arena Rex Board Progress!

Well, after a solid Sunday's work, we have quite a bit done on our Arena Rex boards. Our DirtPit is just about ready for paint, and we started work on our Henge board. We're pretty stoked about the progress on these guys. I can't wait to get some color on them and start getting some games in!

The pit board has the tried and true "dig the foam out and stick tooth-picks in it" technique. We made the also tried and true planking to cover them. They are also small enough that if we want, we can cover them with dueling rings.

The henge is in it's infancy, but you can see the scale we're looking at.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Salamander Pyroclasts

Well, I said they were up next, and here they are: my first five Salamander Pyroclasts. These models are super dense with details, so I tried to keep the color scheme as bare-bones as possible. I've got 5 more of these dudes to paint, and then my 2,000 point list will be complete! These dudes have been brutal in the zone mortalis and tactical strike games I've used them in.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another Salamander Land Raider

Here's another Salamander land raider for my Pre-Heresy Salamander army. Again, I'll be going heavier on the weathering/dust/etc once I get decals on these puppies, but, for now, I pronounce it done. I have one more of these to do for this army, but first, I'm going to dig into this 10 man unit of pyroclasts I have.
Also, it bears repeating that I got these awesome armor kits from The Dark Works. They are a dream to assemble. Any and all gaps/crookedness you may see in these photos are 100% operator error, the kit is flawless.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Just finished up a couple more Morituri for Arena Rex. These models are a joy to paint. This is my third "starter" ludus that I've completed, this one for a friend. Between our crew, we have 3+ models for each different faction painted and ready to go, and when I finish one more Zephyri, I'll have painted a starter for each faction myself!
Arena Rex is an awesome game, and I look forward to seeing where Red Republic Games takes it.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Arena Rex boards!

So, since Arena Rex is such an awesome game, the crew and I have decided to build a couple arenas that are just as awesome. We've got several planned. I can't take too much credit for anything other than concept and some sourcing at this point, as my good friend has done a lot of the heavy hitting on these guys so far. Particularly finding the Playmobil arena on ebay for a reasonable price, because that's not easy!
So, first thing we're doing is the "easy" premade arena on a sand style board. We've also got another board that we're calling the "Dirt Pit" board. This is going to represent the Legio XIII's home turf, out where the Roman Legions are making camp. This will be mostly wooden log style walls and earthworks.
We plan on two more boards. One will be a Zephyri board that will have standing stones and totem poles, and another sand board that will be making tons of use of a bunch of the Hirst Arts Egypt molds.
Everything but the playmobil arena will be 24x36. This is the best use of the materials we had on hand, which was a bunch of 2' wide insulation foam (which has been shot to hell with airstoft guns and need to be filled). 24x24 is a great size for small games of Arena Rex, and we can play the long way if we have more models on the board.

Anyway, here's our beginning photos!

Salamander Contemptor done!

...for now.
My second contemptor for my Salamanders is all set. Like the rest of this army, I'll be going back and adding decals and some more weathering once I actually get the decals. I had planned to pick them up at Adepticon this year, but they didn't bring any. Of course, instead of filling out the order sheet for them, I spent that cash-money on Arena Rex models.
Anyway, here's my dude! Pictured with my other Salamander contemptor.