Monday, January 18, 2016

Salamander Firedrakes

Cruising right along on my Salamander army! These are the first batch of my Firedrakes. I really like the models, but I wanted to stretch them a little further, so I combined them with regular cataphractii parts, as well.
Few more of these dudes, then it's on to the contemptor!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pre Heresy Salamander WIP

Back again with some more dudes!
First, I am just about done with the pre-transfer stage of my Delegatus/Centurian/Praetor model:

He's made from all kinds of stuff: Tyberos the Red Wake, a tiny shield from Master Crafted Miniatures, a Lizardmen jawbone, Spellcrow scaly tabard, a tartaros shield, etc etc.

Next up is the batch of stuff I just got into the airbrushin' booth yesterday: My first five Firedrakes, and a Contemptor. His arms are magged so I can swap later. For now though, I love the brutality of a chain-fist/heavy flamer+plasma canon robot death machine.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pre Heresy Salamander Veteran Squad

So, I have the first squad for my Salamanders pretty well done...for now. I will be adding transfers when those sweet sweet new sheets show up, and then weathering them a touch. I have bases underway, and will be doing a batch of 30 at once. For now...I bask in the satisfaction.