Monday, September 19, 2016

Arena Rex Demo Day!

Whoo hoo! Our first Arena Rex Demo Day is in the books! We had a blast on Sunday at Untapped Games in Providence, RI, rolling dice and causing mayhem. We had 5 people, plus me running things. First, we played a couple of warm-up rules learning games. We played with cohorts of 3 models, and we essentially used only the fronts of the cards. No special rules or special Ludus rules. Both were bloody affairs! We played both games on the Arena Rex mats, with the cake topper pillars and a a couple of pits each. The first game was Legio XIII vs Zephyri, and then we switched to the other mat where the Morituri and Ludus Magnus were set up. Last, we added a model each to the Morituri and and the Legio XIII and played a 4vs4 game, this time with all the rules in play, and the Wendigo in the middle as a living hazard. It was a mess, in the best way possible! Special shout out to Zhara for reaching out with her whip, grabbing Amelia, pulling her towards a pit, re-positioning, and then throwing her in, all in one attack!
I look forward to running more days like this, and I think everyone had a good time.

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