Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Alternative Pre Heresy Alpha Legion Color Schemes

Oh hey there! I've just finished doing a couple things in some of my alternative Pre Heresy Alpha Legion color schemes. I wanted to mix it up a bit for this army, as I'm getting up towards 130 infantry models, and I wanted to keep it interesting for myself. I've got two alternate schemes.

One is based on the Astral Claws theme. I've always loved it, but never wanted to start a new army for them. I figure for my force, the Iron Scales are a division of honor guards and specialists that get called in to help with high value campaigns. It is an honor for them to be sent to re-enforce a campaign, and Harrow Masters will go to great lengths to secure their services.

The other is a reference to my love of the old crazy Rogue Trader color schemes. I love goofy colored camo on space marines, and I couldn't help but paint up  my recon force in my tiger stripes! I have two speeders to do, this photo only has the first test portion done.


The GunGrave said...

Ha, that's a really cool set of schemes, I really like them! Good job!

Ripper said...

Thanks, friend!